Synopsys HSPICE / Saber P-2019.06 Win / L-2016.06-SP1 Linux

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Synopsys HSPICE هو برنامج قوي للغاية في مجال محاكاة الدوائر الإلكترونية وله خوارزميات حديثة لمحاكاة وتحليل مكونات MOS. يستخدم Synopsys HSPICE لتحليل الدوائر الإلكترونية الأساسية مثل الترانزستورات ولا يتضمن مكونات إلكترونية مثل الميكروكونترولر. يتمتع هذا البرنامج بقوة كبيرة في محاكاة وتصحيح بيانات الإخراج الخاصة به في اختبار وتحليل الدوائر الإلكترونية المختلفة. يعد برنامج Synopsys HSPICE محاكيًا دقيقًا وصالحًا لمحاكاة أجزاء مختلفة من الدائرة وتحليلها ، وإدارة استهلاك الطاقة لمكوناتها ، واختبار أداء العناصر وإنشاء الرسومات ووثائق التصميم.

Synopsys HSPICE Features:

  • The presence of a large volume of private and industrial simulation models
  • Provide standard tools for accurate simulation of electronic circuits
  • Very high strength in parts simulation and testing
  • It has a powerful and effective mechanism to determine the effect of trend changes
  • A great solution for designing speakers and equalizersعدل
  • Analyze the operation of the devices in the process of time and consumption
  • Provide high precision output data of test results and circuit analysis
  • Effective statistical simulation of the effects of local parameter mismatch
  • Very fast multi analytics
  • Comprehensive analysis of designed parts, boards and parts
  • Realistic simulation and processing of various circuits and components

Required system

Minimum hardware

Core 2 CPU
1GB available disk space

Recommended devices

Best CPU on the market (Multi-core, 64-bit)
4 + giga
RAM 10 GB available disk space

Supported operating systems

Windows 10
Windows 8
Windows 7

Synopsys HSPICE pictures

Synopsys HSPICE

Watch too GraphPad Prism Windows x64 / 9.0.2 macOS

Installation guide

Synopsys HSPICE 2019 (The installation method for other Synopsys products is the same, only the software title changes; for example, for the Saber software, the address must be used C:\synopsys\Saber64\P-2019.06)

0. First make sure that your computer is connected to the Internet only through a network card (preferably Ethernet) and that your antivirus is also disabled
1. After extracting the installation files, run the hspice installation file and run the program installation in the default location. At the end of the installation, select the option “Manually restart later” and click on “Finish”
2. Go to Crack folder, run SCL_v2018 installation file in Run as Administrator mode, do not change the displayed values ​​and only Next and in click

4. Open the folder C:\synopsys\SCL\201806-SP1\win32\bin (the installed SCL version may be different, just go to C:\synopsys\SCL and follow the rest of the way depending on your version), hold shift key and click Right-click on the snpslmd.exe file and select Copy as path.
5. Go to the crack folder again, open the Synopsys.src file with notepad, delete the # symbol at the beginning of the first line, select the phrase home / EDA / Synopsys / scl_v2018.06 / linux64 / bin / snpslmd / right click and paste, delete The two symbols at the beginning and end of the statement as well (the first line should look like this: DAEMON snpslmd C:\synopsys\SCL\201806-SP1\win32\bin\snpslmd.exe)
6. Edit menu, Replace selection options in Find What the 2020- and 2030-expression in Replace with Enter and click Replace All (Check the date in the file for December 30, 2030 changed) Save and close the file.
7. Run the scl_keygen.exe file, in the Notice section, enter your username instead of student @eetop, in the EXPIRE section change the date to December 30, 2030, and in the Hostname section, the full name of your computer. Enter (to find this name, you can go to This PC, right-click on an empty space and click Properties)
8. From the FlexLm License Generator window that you opened in step 3, in the Select Host ID section, select a custom option. Select and copy the phrase that appears in front of it and close this window, go back to the Synopsys License Generator window (which you opened in the previous step) and replace the copied phrase in the HOST ID Daemon site
. Click Create and wait for the text to display in the License section, then close this window.
10. Copy the Synopsys.dat and fix.bat files from the crack folder and create a folder called temp in the root of the C drive and copy these files there

12. Copy the Synopsys.dat file to the temp folder and copy it to C:\synopsys\SCL\201806-SP1
13. Go to the Crack folder again, and copy and paste the four files pubkey_verify, pubkey_verify.exe, synopsys_checksum and synopsys_checksum.exe into the following paths:
14. Run CMD again in boot mode as administrator, enter the command cd C:\synopsys\Hspice_P-2019.06-SP1-1 and press Enter, then run the commands pubkey_verify.exe -y and synopsys_checksum.exe -y Enter the order and enter and wait until the job is done. Then enter the command cd C:\synopsys\SCL\201806-SP1 and enter, and again enter the commands pubkey_verify.exe -y and synopsys_checksum.exe -y, respectively, enter and wait for the task to be done. Close CMD
15. Go to C:\synopsys\SCL\2018.06-SP1\win32\bin and open lmtools.exe. Check the LMTOOLS Ignore License File Path Environment Variables option, go to the Configuration Services tab, and enter Synopsys instead of the service name.

17. تحقق من استخدام الخدمات وبدء الخادم في خيارات الطاقة وانقر فوق حفظ الخدمة (ثم انقر فوق نعم وموافق) ، وانتقل إلى علامة التبويب بدء / إيقاف / إعادة القراءة ، وتحقق من خيار فرض إيقاف تشغيل الخادم ، ثم انقر فوق إيقاف انقر فوق الخادم. انتظر حتى تنتهي المهمة ، ثم انقر فوق خادم البدء ثم على إعادة قراءة ملف الترخيص
18. Go to This PC, right-click on the empty space and click Properties, then Advanced System Setup and then Environment Variables. In both User Variables and System Variables, click New, and replace SNPSLMD_LICENSE_FILE with the name, and the value with

27000 @ Computer_Name

Enter where your computer name should be instead of Computer_Name. Click OK
19. From the start menu, launch hspui P-2019.06-SP1-1, select the open option from the file list and go to C:\synopsys\Hspice_P-2019.06-SP1-1\Demo\Go to hspice\bjt and select the bjtbeta file. sp and open it, click on simulate and then select the option to edit log file from the edit menu. It is observed that a warning is displayed not to connect to the license server. Close the program
20. From the start menu, search for and open Services. Find Synopsys service, right click on it and click properties, set startup type option to automatic, and on recovery tab change the value in Reset Failed After count to 1000 and click Apply. Go back to the General tab and click Stop and OK
21. Go to C:\synopsys\SCL\2018.06-SP1\win32\bin and open lmtools.exe. Go to the Start/Stop/Replay tab, check the Shut Down Server option, then click on Stop Server. Wait for the task to finish, then click on start server and then on re-read license file and close
lmtools 22. Go to C:\synopsys\SCL\2018.06-SP1, open the Synopsys.dat file with notepad and say delete the file located (maybe) line 8 (DAEMON snpslmd C:\synopsys\SCL\201806-SP1\win32\bin\ snpslmd.exe) (make sure there is no blank line). Save and close the file
23. Go to C:\synopsys\SCL\2018.06-SP1\win32\bin and open lmtools.exe. Go to the Start/Stop/Replay tab, check the Shut Down Server option, then click on Stop Server. Wait for the job to finish. Then click Start Server

26. Now run hspui P-2019.06-SP1-1 again from start menu, select open option from file list and go to C:\synopsys\Hspice_P-2019.06-SP1-1\Demo\hspice\bjt Go and select bjtgm file .sp and open it, click Simulate and then select the Edit Log File option from the Edit menu. It can be seen that the simulation has been run and at the end of the file it says ***** job finish ذكر

A video tutorial of the steps mentioned is also available below. If the software fails to break after restarting the computer, repeat steps 20, 23, 24 and 25 again. There is currently no permanent solution to this problem.

Synopsys HSPICE 2016

After installing the program, use the crack and keygen that come with the program to hack it.

Linux installation guide: (by Mr. Haj Kasmi)

To install HSpace on Linux, first download and extract the synopsys 3.3 installer. You see a file with the playback extension. Let it work:
Open Terminal and go to that folder and type:
chmod + x Synopsys ????. employment
Because the file name is long I??? Allow you to complete it or rename it.
Create a folder in your home folder, for example my-synopsys
Now type:
Synopsys????. Run /.
It asks you for the folder address. Type: (let's say username is Arman)
home / arman / my-synopsys /
Now run the file and create several files
In the my-synopsys folder, go to the my-synopsys folder.
If your Linux OS is fedora or ubuntu, you must first install tcsh. To do this, type fedora in Terminal:
dnf install tcsh
Now you have to write:
PATH = /home/arman/my-synopsys: $PATH
export PATH

Now extract the rest of the hspice files and cut the .spf files and copy them to my-synopsys.
Now let file in my-synopsys folder run (chmod)

If you are Ruth, get out of Ruth


In the window that opens, click Next. Label the left side of the seasoning. Type the address of the installation location موقع


Download Link

Download Synopsys HSPICE P-2019.06-SP1-1 Win

Synopsys Saber P-2019.06

Download Section 1 - 1 GB
Download Part 2 - 1 GB
Download Section 3 – 7 MB
Download the video tutorial for activating the 2019 version by one of the users

Download Synopsys_HSPICE_L-2016.06-SP1_Win
Download Synopsys_HSPICE_L-2016.06-SP1_Linux
Download Synopsys_HSPICE J-2014.09-SP2-2
Download crack only
Scl_license single file
Download Synopsys CosmosScope J-2015.03
Download Synopsys Installer 3.3 Linux
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