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Foxit was almost the first company to introduce software for professional, straightforward editing of PDF files in a new way. This product called Foxit PhantomPDF is currently in development by this company and they are adding more and more features to it every day.

The professional capabilities offered by this software for editing PDF files are similar to Word, and because converting, editing and re-converting PDF to Word takes a long time and does not face any problems, so its direct editing with abundant features made it easy to edit PDF files.

Editing capabilities of Foxit PhantomPDF:

Select and edit text boxes in PDF files directly, such as in Word

Connect, connect and separate blocks of text for better editing. Also move and resize text blocks

- Edit PDFs text font and make all edits to text like change size, color, style, effects, change text direction and leading

Automatically changes the color of changed texts to detect changes in text, this option can be enabled or disabled.

The ability to mistype specific text or PDF file

Increase and decrease paragraph indentation

- Ability to edit PDF images

Right-aligned, left-aligned or center-aligned file items, horizontal and vertical objects, or round and cropped objects

Enter header, footer, background image, watermark and custom page number in the file

Put links on pages

Add photos and videos to a PDF file

Foxit PhantomPDF Sharing Capabilities:

Share money and review files in various company programs via e-mail or intranet

SharePoint integration

Integration with Evernote to send a PDF file as text to it

Send an email directly from within the app

Tools for presenting, summarizing and managing comments and file comments

Building and managing stamps

Design tool and ability to attach a file to the original file

Ability to convert and extract Foxit PhantomPDF:

Create a standard PDF file

Create PDF file from Office program output with the help of add-on

- Drag and drop support for soft PDF file

Three times faster when creating PDF files than similar software

Search, edit and perform group operations on PDF files

Send and extract PDF files to other programs such as Word

- Optimize and compress PDF files

- Batch create PDF files

Foxit PhantomPDF Organize Capabilities:

Change the order of PDF pages and move them by drag and drop

The ability to delete or add a specific page in the file

Combine multiple PDF files into one new file

Compare PDF files in terms of changes made to the file

Change and adjust PDF file information by editing the file tag

Search the content of PDF files

The ability to restore operations performed on the file

Scan capabilities andOCRProgramFoxit PhantomPDF:

Scan and convert documents to PDF

The ability to recognize text and convert a scanned document into editable typed text

Detect and correct suspicious results in OCR

Insert scanned text directly into a PDF file


Programming capabilities of Foxit PhantomPDF:

Fill out the forms in PDF format

The ability to auto-complete the form with text prediction based on previous texts

Design the model with advanced and smart capabilities, various boxes and buttons

Ability to import form fields from standard sources and extract the form to file

The ability to connect via JavaScript to the database to transfer form information

2D barcode work

 Protection and signature capabilities of Foxit PhantomPDF:

Remove sensitive information from the file before publishing it such as comments, metadata, overlays, and…

Permanently delete part of PDF text to prevent leakage of confidential information

Integration with Windows Active Directory to manage file access rights

Put a watermark on the file to protect the copy as a PDF image

Digitally sign a PDF file to protect the copy of its content

AD RMS 2.1 File Encryption Plugin

Support for signing and validating XFA formats generated by Adobe LivesCycle software.

Password and file encryption to protect its contents

Foxit PhantomPDF presentation and publishing capabilities:

Customizable toolbar

View and print PDF files at high speed without consuming system resources

Ability to view multiple PDF files in Tab

Change file reading modes

The ability to bookmark specific sites in a PDF file

- View multiple pages in one window

Ability to zoom and rotate file pages while reading

Ability to read PDF text and play audio when you can't read and want to listen

The ability to receive updates through the Windows Update Center

CanSee the set of changes made to Foxit PhantomPDFHere .

Foxit PhantomPDF Tips:

The program is offered in two editions, Standard and Business, and is a more complete business edition; See a comparison of the features of the two versionsHere  .

Compare the features of this program with Adobe AcrobatHere .

You can watch a video tutorial for different parts of the programHere  .

– يحتوي هذا البرنامج ، مثل Acrobat ، على إصدار مجاني بإمكانيات محدودة لعرض ملفات PDF ، وهو ما يُعرف باسم Foxit Reader ، ونحن نقدمه أيضًا ؛ في الإصدارات المبكرة من هذا الإصدار ، جعلت الميزات مثل الحجم المنخفض والتثبيت الرائع وسرعة الاستخدام ، بالإضافة إلى الإصدار غير المنشور ، الأداة الأفضل لعرض ملفات PDF بسرعة ، ولكن للأسف لا تحتوي الإصدارات الأحدث على هذه الميزات.

Required system

Supported operating systems:Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32-bit, 64-bit).



Installation guide

In the readme file in crack folder.

Foxit PhantomPDF

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Download Foxit PhantomPDF Business Multilingual
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