Downloading Dlubal RSTAB 8.24.01 x64 Multilingual

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RSTAB هو برنامج قوي لتحليل وتصميم الهياكل ، وخاصة الحزم. عادة ما يتم تعريف الحزمة في الهندسة المعمارية والهندسة الإنشائية كعضو طويل ومستقيم ومنشوري مصمم لدعم الأحمال المختلفة المطبقة على طول العضو. لقد أتت هذه الأداة لمساعدة المهندسين الإنشائيين لتلبية جميع احتياجات التصميم والهندسة الحديثة.
This program will carry out all the steps of analysis and review for the use of the remaining aluminum composite materials and even factories, in order to comply with international standards.
Simplicity of design of structures and materials, a structure similar to the AutoCAD environment, as well as automatic production of the structure are some of the capabilities of RSTAB that distinguish it from others.
Engineers will also be able to compare the simulated building to international and European standards and fix its flaws, more clearly, the software detects the structure and attempts to fix the flaws so that the designers can fix them. Think.

RSTAB Features and Specifications:

  • Suitable for the latest designs of civil engineers and architects
  • 3D modeling with the ability to rotate at different angles
  • Ability to customize according to modular design
  • Calculation of support structures based on the materials used
  • Structural and dynamic analysis
  • Compliance with international standards
  • Continuous program support and development
  • Phone support (except for Iran ...!)
  • Simplicity for engineers familiar with AutoCAD.
  • Ability to output on paper from all required viewpoints (internal and external)
  • Simulate the load at different angles of the hull

Required system

Windows 7/8/10 64 bit operating system

Quad core processor from Intel or AMD

Ram: 8 GB

Modern graphics with GPU by NVIDIA or ATI

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Installation guide

After installing, copy and replace the files in the Crack folder in the program installation location. Run the program and import the copied AUTHORE.INI file as a license.

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DLUBAL RSTAB 8.24.01 x64 Multilingual

Download Section 1 - 1 GB
Download Part 2 - 632 MB
Download Dlubal_RSTAB 8.01.0022 x86
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