Download TrichView 17.6 / 17.6.2 for D4-XE10.3 Full Source

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TrichView عبارة عن مجموعة من مكونات Delphi / C ++ Builder الأصلية لعرض مستندات النص التشعبي وتحريرها وطباعتها. يدعم هذا المكون ميزات شخصية مختلفة. (الخط ، التسمية التوضيحية ، التسمية التوضيحية ، لون خلفية النص). يمكن أن تتضمن المستندات جداول وصورًا وقوائم صور وحواشي سفلية وعناصر تحكم دلفي. تمت كتابة TRichView بالكامل في دلفي ولا تستخدم ملفات DLL و ActiveX الخارجية.

TrichView features and capabilities:

  • Right, left and center paragraph alignment, borders, custom ports, Unicode, backgrounds, print preview, HTML and DocX output, RTF import and export
  • Text and paragraph features: font name, size, style, character set, color, background text color, text color under the mouse pointer
  • Supports all image formats including Jpeg, Gif, Png, Tiff, …
  • Documents can contain tables, and each table cell contains a subdocument that can consist of several paragraphs, including images, Delphi / C++ Builder controls and other tables, and cells can be both horizontal and vertical into one merge larger cells.
  • Support numeric, decimal, alphanumeric, roman numerals
  • View and edit documents containing text with different fonts, all fonts have specific properties, and create documents consisting of text in different languages ​​by selecting different character sets
  • Enter individual Unicode characters or phrases into TRichView documents
  • Load, save, copy and paste Unicode text files
  • Protect text from editing and erasing
  • Print with all your photos, backgrounds, tables, and…
  • Output as text file, DocX, RTF, HTML and Unicode text files

Installation guide

Programmers know better.

download link

Download TrichView_Trial_v17.6_Cracked_DCU_Only_Delphi_10.3_Rio

Download TrichView_17.6.2_Not_Full_Source_for_10.3_Rio

Download TrichView_17.4_Full_Source_for_10..3_Rio

Download TrichView_17.4_Full_Source_for_10.2_Tokyo

Download TrichView_17.3

Download TRichView_v16.14, ScaleRichView v7.8.1, Report Workshop v1.5.9 D10.2 Tokyo

Download TrichView_16.10.1_D4-XE10.1_x86_x64

Download TrichView_16.4.5 for D4-XE10 Full Source

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