Download Stimulsoft Reports Suite 2021.1.1

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There are many components for reporting in the .NET environment, and one of the best components that fully supports Arabic is the Stimulsoft component, which provides all the necessary tools for Windows-based and web-based reporting. Stimulsoft's reporting suite includes all components of this company.

Various sections of a groupStimulsoft Reports:

WinForms Report Viewers / Report Designers

WPF Report Viewers / Report Designers

Silverlight Report Viewers / Report Designers / Report Engines

WinRT Report Viewers / Report Designers / Report Engines

ASP.NET HTML5 Report Builders / Report Designers


ASP.NET Flash Report Residents / Report Designers

ASP.NET Silverlight Report / Report Designers

MVC HTML5 Report Viewers / Report Designers

MVC HTML Report Viewers

MVC Flash Report Viewers / Report Designers

Viewers of the Dot Matrix Report

Independent Report Designers

NET report engines.

Features and characteristics of componentsthis group:

- Flexible and comfortable user interface

- Full support for Persian language in menus and data

Supporting database types such as MS SQL Server, Oracle, My SQL, …

Obtaining information outputs in various formats

Compatibility with the latest versions of Visual Studio

And the…

CanSee the set of changes made in different versions of this setHere .

Ultimate Edition is the most complete product from Stimulsoft. See a comparison of the features of different productsHere .

Required system

Deployable operating system

Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1

Compatible containers

Microsoft Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010/2013

NET Framework 2.0 / 3.0 / 3.5 / 4.0.

Silverlight 4/5


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Installation guide

Given in the text file.

Due to crack problems, different versions are available.

download link

Stimulsoft Reports


Download Stimulsoft_Reports AIO 2021.1.1


Download Stimulsoft Reports AIO 2020.5.2
Download Stimulsoft Reports AIO 2020.4.2
Download Stimulsoft_Reports AIO 2020.4.1
Download Stimulsoft_Reports AIO 2020.2.3
Download Stimulsoft_Reports AIO 2020.2.1


Download Stimulsoft Reports_AIO 2019.4.2
Download Stimulsoft_Reports_2019.3.4
Download Stimulsoft_Reports_2019.2.3


Download Stimulsoft Reports_2018.3.5
Download Stimulsoft Reports_2018.3.3
Download Stimulsoft Reports_2018.3.3 Crack Only
Download Stimulsoft Reports_2018.2.3
Download Stimulsoft MVC 2018.2.3 Other Crack
Download Stimulsoft Reports_2018.2.2
Download Stimulsoft Reports_2018.1.8 Fixed JS Report
Download Stimulsoft Reports_2018.1.7


Download Stimulsoft Reports_2017.2.4
Download stimulsoft Reports_.NET 2017.1.11

Download Stimulsoft Reports.Net 2016.3

Download Stimulsoft Reports_.Net 2015.3 Retail

Stimulsoft Reports Server


Download Stimulsoft Reports_Server 2020.2.1


Download Stimulsoft Reports_Server 2019.3.5


Download Stimulsoft Reports_Server 2018.3.5
Download Stimulsoft Reports_Server 2018.3.3
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