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PVS-Studio هي أداة للكشف عن الأخطاء في التطبيقات المكتوبة بلغة C + C ++ و C #. تساعد هذه الأداة المبرمجين في العثور على الأخطاء في برامجهم وحل المشكلة عن طريق إجراء تحليل ثابت للكود وإنتاج تقارير دقيقة. يقوم PVS-Studio بإجراء عمليات فحص مكثفة للرمز الخاص بك ، ولكنه مفيد بشكل خاص في العثور على الأخطاء الإملائية وأخطاء النسخ / الماضي (أخطاء مثل V501, V517, V522, V523, V3001).

Parser This tool is designed for developers who use the Visual Studio environment for coding. Once the code is changed and recompiled, this file is analyzed in the background and there is no need to go back to this tool again, you just come back to this program whenever you need to review results and reports.

PVS-Studio detects potential errors before saving changes to the code repository, but it also gives you the option to perform a full code analysis each time the entire program is built, which is true for development and integration systems. Continuity is very important. This tool contains a simple and comprehensive guide and details of its uses and methods of use.

PVS-Studio Features and Specifications:

  • Simple integration with the Visual Studio environment
  • Automatically re-analyze, correct and recompile files
  • Online and offline guide (pdf) to all software functions and applications – over 300 pages of description
  • Ability to save and reload analysis results to prevent burnout
  • Ability to perform analyzes via command line commands
  • Supports multi-core and multi-processor systems to increase processing speed
  • Ability to automatically check for the latest version of the software and update if necessary
  • And …

Required system

Supported languages ​​and dialects:

  • Visual Studio 2015 C, C++, C++/CLI, C++/CX (WinRT), C#
  • Visual Studio 2013 C, C++, C++/CLI, C++/CX (WinRT), C#
  • Visual Studio 2012 C, C++, C++/CLI, C++/CX (WinRT), C#
  • Visual Studio 2010 C, C++, C++ / CLI, C#
  • MinGW C, C++

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Installation guide

Version 7:

Register the software using Keygen.

Version 6:

After installing, copy and replace the file in the Crack folder in the program installation location and then register it with the desired serial.

Version 7 was installed and successfully activated on June 10, 1998 in 64-bit Windows 10.

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Download PVS-Studio 7.11.44204
Download PVS-Studio 6.21.24658
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