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يعد Parallels Desktop برنامجًا رائعًا لتشغيل بيئة Windows على أنظمة Mac دون إعادة التشغيل. استخدم جميع مزايا نظام التشغيل Mac و Windows مع هذا البرنامج. يعد Parallels Desktop أحد أفضل برامج المحاكاة الافتراضية لنظام التشغيل Mac الذي يتيح للمستخدم التبديل بين أنظمة التشغيل دون إعادة التشغيل. حاليًا ، يضم هذا البرنامج القوي أكثر من 5 ملايين مستخدم حول العالم.

Table of contents

Parallels Desktop Features and Specifications:

  • Full performance of Windows on Mac
  • Use a range of Mac features with Windows apps
  • It supports Windows 10 and can be installed on the latest version of Mac, Capitan
  • Interesting travel mode to turn off unused or insufficiently used resources when you are away from the system (to increase battery life)
  • Ability to use different cloud services such as iCloud, onedrive, Dropbox and google drive to prevent duplicate file storage
  • Quick switch between operating systems without restart and with the help of a simple wizard
  • The ability to automatically and simply optimize the resources of the Windows virtual operating system based on the applications required by the user (eg game mode, programming mode, design, etc.)
  • Contains a Visual Studio plug-in for debugging purposes
  • Support for popular design, development and testing tools such as Docker, Jenkins and Chef
  • Advanced networking tools for virtualization of complex networks

Installation guide

If after installation and at the first start you will see the window “About activation…”, you should do the following:
Complete the program completely
– delete the licenses.xml file in the following path:
ps usually this happens if before the trial version of the program was installed

download link

Download Parallels Desktop Business Edition v16.0.1.48919 macOS

Download Parallels Desktop Business Edition v15.1.3.47255 macOS

Download Parallels_Desktop_Business_Edition_14.1.2_45485_Multilingual_macOS

Download Parallels_Desktop_Business_Edition_13.3.1-43365_Multilingual_macOS

Download Parallels Desktop_Business Edition MacOSX

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