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Mentor Graphics ModelSim specifically supports VHDL and Verilog languages, and users can use standard ASIC and FPGA libraries in their applications when programming. Mentor Graphics ModelSim is a Windows-based program whose user interface provides many features for programming, simulation, scheduling, debugging, and chip analysisFPGA. This program is one of the most powerful programs for designing and simulating programsVHDLAnd theVerilog, Which are widely used in industry. Language was developedVHDLFor the first time and used by the US Department of Defense to design and describe high speed integrated circuits, and in 1987 byIEEEMade publicly available in a standard format.

usingModelSim, canEngineers and designers can simulate their applications before testing devices and ensuring the performance of their applications. In ModelSim all required windows are available to you, windows like source to display the source of the program, references to display the signals in the input / output of the chip, a process to display the running processes, and variables to display the value of the variables used.

Table of contents

ModelSim Features and Specifications:

- multilingual

FPGA chipset analysis

- High performance simulation engine

FPGA chip developer

- Simulation of FPGA chips

- One piece patch

- Simulator combination optionHDL

VHDL and Verilog software design and simulation


Installation guide

In the Readme file in the Crack folder.

!The activator does not work in the virtual machine.

Using the lmutil lmdiag command in the Command Prompt environment, the license performance of the license status is visible.

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Download Mentor Graphics ModelSim SE-64 2019.2

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