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Indigo Rose Setup Factory is a reliable program and way to create a setup file for your program in the Windows environment. Unlike other installers who have to go through a course, Setup Factory is designed to make things faster and easier. By dragging and dropping files into the new project window, your file is ready to be created.

Features and Features of Indigo Flower Preparation Plant:

  • Build a professional installer for Windows
  • Advanced features that are easy to handle
  • Installer 100% flexible programming language
  • Installation wizard, customizable windows and templates
  • Built-in exe stops for Web, CD/DVD, USB and LAN
  • 100% Windows compatible, ready for Windows 10
  • LZMA2 data compression
  • Flexibility to remove programs
  • Supports files larger than 2 GB
  • Add serial number, data security and expiration date to the program
  • Installer package, category features and various installation methods
  • International languages, multi-language installer
  • Easily set access to files and folders
  • Beautiful skins and themes
  • MSSTYLES skins support
  • WYSIWYG Dialog Editor,
  • Billboard screen control
  • Install custom progress screen
  • Window background options
  • Customize the code and source version, and build your own installer under the brand
  • Powerful programming engine
  • Extensive working library
  • Lua 5.1 script engine installer, faster and more powerful
  • Customize error events
  • File optimization dialog
  • Work with all current versions of Windows

Installation guide

Use the serial included with the software to register it.

download link

Download Setup Factory_9.5.3.0

Download Indigo_Rose_Setup_Factory_9.5.3.0_Portable

Download Indigo Rose Setup Factory_9.5.2.0 x64

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