CYME 9.0 Revision 4 Build 545 x64

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CYMDIST . Otomatoa toolveryStrongtoHelptois yoursin aCreation"what if"AndrunningSimulationtoEvaluationEffectthe changesin athe systemhe isCompleteKeep allthe informationContained in CYME CYMDISTin aTablesSQLStandardAnd filesXMLEasilyin whichIt can be set by third-party software.CanProgramCYME CYMDISTthe workWithApplications       SystemsOtherSuch asAM / FM / GISDMSNMSOMSorSCADA Embedded inAnd organizedSynchronizedAndUsedtoingredientObjectModel (COM)OfIntegrationWithOther thanCOM-CompatibleApplications.CYME CYMDIST can also be used to analyze long-term current and dynamics and optimize network settings.  

CYME CYMDIST Features and Specifications:


analyzingShort circuit





improvementSettingsthe network



AnalysisDynamicLong term

improvementVolt / VAR





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EvaluationRisksflashthe bow

Analysis of protection devices

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CYMpekt هي قوية بشكل لا يصدق البرمجيات لتصميم وتحليل شبكات سرية أن يساعد إلى حد كبير المهندسين في تصميم شبكات جديدة وتعزيز الشبكات القائمة. يتيح لك استخدام هذا البرنامج تحليل خيارات التصميم المختلفة بسرعة ، ويمكن أن يكون هذا الاحتمال حلاً اقتصاديًا تمامًا في العمل. تجدر الإشارة إلى أن هذا البرنامج يحتوي على معايير IEEE 80 ™ 2000 و IEEE 81 ™ 1983 و IEEE 837 ™ 2002 ، وهو برنامج مفيد جدًا لتصميم الشبكات الأرضية وتحت الأرض.

Features and characteristics of CYMpekt:

  • Finite element analysis of conductors and ground network buses
  • Calculation of the terminal ground resistance (Rg) and ground voltage gain (GPR)
  • Touch capability and surface analysis, inside and outside the network environment, with color screen in 2D or 3D screen
  • step voltage analysis
  • Calculation of the coefficient of reduction (Cs)
  • A complete library of the most common types of surface layer materials
  • Supports symmetric or asymmetric networks of any shape

Required system

: Operating systems

Windows 7

Windows 8.1

Windows 10 operating system

: Recommended devices

A computer based on a Pentium IV.

1024 MB of extended memory

1 GB free hard disk space.



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Installation guide

After installing the program, copy the contents of the crack folder to the installation location.

Download Link

Download CYME 9.0 Rev 04 x64 (dedicated download crack)

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