BRE ProMax 2.0.7047

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BRE Promax is a very powerful simulation software packageshethatFromMohandessinall over the worldtoDesignAndimprovementamenitiesto process fromchemistAndindustrialgas usedthis programFullyWithtoMicrosoft Visio, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Wordintegration,Promaxa toolFromNonthata great dealof their abilities throughexpansionCapabilitiesancestorsfor him    TSWEETAndPROSIMhappened.

BRE ProMax Features:

  • Desalination Secretary:Ameensweetening
  • Glycol dehydration:droughtglycol
  • rating / sizehardware:rating / sizehardware
  • Crude oil refining:refiningoilraw
  • LPG Recovery:Recoveryliquefied petroleum gas
  • caustic treatment:Sodium hydroxidetreatment
  • Sulfur recovery/tail gas cleaning:Recoverysulfur/cleaningtail gas
  • Import and export to Excel files
  • Create a report: Create a report
  • reactor applications:IncludeApplicationsreactor: Gibbs telescoping, balance, plug flow, diversion, inverted tank
  • Sour water stripper:Water ,sourright Now
  • Pipelines/NetworksSystemassembly:NetworkSystempipe lines/assembly
  • scalingseparator: for himbreakscaling
  • Physical solvent for sweetening:solventin aphysicaltosweet

Installation guide

  • Install Visio 2007 if you do not have one.
  • Install ProMax, select Custom Setup during installation, and uncheck HASP.
  • Copy Project.dll to the program installation path.
  • After installing the software, run it with Run as administrator and use the information in the text file for the registry.
  • The crack inside the package has been active until 07/01/2016; To use, the Windows date must go back to before this time.
  • The new crack activates the program without the need for a serial and date delay, but its performance has not been tested.

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