5 signs that your storage drive is about to fail

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5 signs your storage drive is about to fail

Like all electronic devices, personal computers are not permanently durable.

Sooner or later the parts inside it will break down.

In fact, in today's personal computers that rely on audio storage, SSDs are generally more durable than hard disk drives.

Their SSDs can be better than hard drives compared to laptops whenever you want

Resist accidental drops, shocks and other vibrations.

However, SSDs, like other forms of flash memory, can become obsolete.

Here are 5 signs you need to be careful about

Warns you of low devices that store your documents.

1- Doesn't look right (doesn't work well)

Modern high-powered storage drives are manufactured, especially for hard disk drives (HDDs).

Although you get plates spinning at hundreds of revolutions per minute and arms spinning back and forth in milliseconds.

You may be able to hear weak spinning and clicking when the drive is working.

But all of this — almost anything higher than that — is an indication that the factors aren't quite right

If you hear voicesmetalloud, loud or something else, the drive may be damaged.

You will not ignore such symptoms: there is nothing you can do about it,

Except for backing up all the important information in it

as soon as possible and then replace the drive with a new one.

SSD hard drives do not hear any sound from them.


2- There is no information inside the hard disk

And talking about maintaining health and correct information

Another clear indication that your storage will be lost

This means that countless files or information files were lost long ago.

Information is not stored as one continuous stream of bits:

Instead, they are actually in a group of smaller blocks of information.

These blocks may inherently follow each other in the drive environment or may be scattered.

All that is required is to damage one of these blocks and many important pieces will be lost.

When searching for a file, computer performance software tries to deal with all the blocks that make up the file.

4 - Sudden change in stored programs and data

A sudden change in overall performance could be a sign that your storage drive is malfunctioning.

Computers such as the CPU, RAM, or GPU do not slow down over time.

In addition to the possibility of failure of the fan and loss of the chip for this reason, the device must have the same functionality.

On the software side, this is where due to the data backlog,

More apps loading in the background and the operating system crashing after years of updating, things may change.

Then suddenly it took a long time to prepare or access the files, and nothing is clear.

Hard drives eventually disintegrate, and hard drives can malfunction, and these symptoms manifest in many ways.

Errors related to bad blocks appear in both types of storage

This usually happens when you need an unusual amount of time to read or write a file

The operation failed, so the system eventually gives up an error message.

5 signs your storage drive is about to fail


4- It is not booted by the system

Many of us have experienced this at times

Because this is a common situation with PCs.

, but the next time you turn it off, a scary BIOS message will appear on your screen:

"Insert the boot disk and press any key

Insert the CD and press any button

Instead of looking at the operating system logo, you look at a dark sentence.

There may be other explanations for this.

For example, this may happen when installing a new BIOS.

But if no changes or updates are made,

It could be a sign that the boot drive has made a decision, or at least a sign that the drive is faulty

There you may be able to restore your data but it's time to make a backup and get a new drive.

5- Blue Death page

We refer to cases when your computer shuts down – in the case of Windows, this isMonitorblue deathNotorious (BSOD).

This page is displayed by the operating system when it reaches a point where it cannot easily continue to function properly.


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